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Janis, better known by her alias Retro Girl, is a character of PlayStation's Powers. She debuts in the first episode of the first season. She is portrayed by starring cast member Michelle Forbes.

Retro Girl is a female 'power' who dated Christian when they were young and were the same team. Their relationship is strained after all the years apart. Retro girl is so far known to possess flight, super-speed, and super strength although she still needed help from Walker to assist a drunk Harley; her super-strength allowed her to support most of his weight.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Homo Superior Physiology
  • Medical Intuition
  • Semi Immortality
  • Enhanced Tracking
  • Enhanced Wisdom
  • Enhanced Intelligence
  • Enhanced Charisma
  • Weather Adaptation
  • Elemental Immunity
  • Aerokinetic Immunity
  • Aerial Adaptation
  • Atmospheric Adaptation
  • Levitation
  • Flight
  • High Speed Flight
  • Aerial Combat Mastery
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Supernatural Strength
  • Absolute Strength
  • Strength Combat
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Supernatural Dense Tissue
  • Nigh-Invulnerability
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Multi Strike
  • Speed Combat
  • Power Detection


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