Was a power who was in jail but his bail was paid by candace stockley who works for powers publication.Hired him to stage a fight with  her client Zora and Retro Girl (Janis).He started to fight zora and accedintaly slash his employer who was trying to shield her son.




Where's reaguler clothes he's black man.But when he shapeshift into his bird form gaining three fingers like a bird

his own talons.

Powers and AbiilitesEdit

  1. Shapeshifting
  2. Shapeshifting Combat
  3. Partial Transformation
  4. Avain Physiology
  5. Limb Expansion
  6. Homo Superior Physiology
  7. Gliding
  8. Sonic Scream
  9. Fusionism
  10. Claw Retraction
  11. Enhanced Clawminship
  12. Nail Manipulation


He had sidekick and he was a sentaor and his other tv paradoy to Sentaor Bailey/Colbat Knight .He also has a sex tape a gay sex tape with his sidekickk Wing.

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