He was in team and friendes with Retro Girl,Diamond,and Triphammer known as Superteam.He died on the first episode

he was womanizer just like he was in the comics he was pimp and had sex with Calistia  but was  killed by the drug sway.He had a heart attack form sway he also was 72 but still look like he was in his prime


He was a tall white guy with white hair white jumpsuit with golden shoulderpads

Powers and AbilitesEdit

  • Homo Superior Physiology
  • Decelerated Aging
  • Umbreakable Skin
  • Umbreakable Bones
  • Supernatural Leap
  • Supernatural Strength
  • Strength Combat
  • Earthquake Generation
  • Seduction Intuition
  •  Hole Creation
  • Aerial Combat Mastery

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