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Returning to there bodies

Piper Phoebe and Paige returning to there bodies.

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A monkey Astral Projecting.

The ability to project oneself outside of the body; to project there soul into an identical being, breathing form of themself. Typically, some people when in "Astral Mode" their physical body falls to the floor, slumps over or remains still until they return to it. This a premature version of Cloning.


When you are new to this power it can exhaust you, therefore the power may need some focusing energy to activate. The stronger the being, the longer of the projection.

Other Forms of Astral Proejction

Some beings can Astral Project invisible, planting thoughts and ideas into others heads.

Power Usage in Astral Projection

Whilst in Astral Mode, your powers hardly work when your new to the craft. Some people may be even able to Astral Project whilst Astral Projecting.

Astral Selves Taking Over

If the beings with this power has suppresed emotions, there inner desires can take over and the Astral Form can seperate and live out the suppressed emotionsor desire; leaving the other unconscious. The projection can occur when a witch is asleep when the subconscious takes over.

Teaching Astral Projection

People can teach others to Astral Project. It has happened alot in the series of Charmed.

List of Users


  1. Those with Telekinesis have an advacned form of the Power.
  2. Those with Telekinetic Orbing can use this power, whilst orbing.


Prue Exhausted after using Astral Projection, being a new person to it.

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